Got to be the most rewarding job ever

This is proving to be our most eventful day yet at Charlies Parlour and makes me realise why Private Pet Cremation Services exist and why all pet owners need to be aware of service levels they offer so that they will be able to plan ahead and make an informed decision about what will happen to their pet after it’s death.

Today we are carrying out two cremations. A handsome German Shepherd cross and a Westie, a grand old Dame of 18 years. We also have had two collections. The first collection was of a pretty tortoishell cat who was carrying tumors and had to be put to sleep. Her owner came in to collect her remains with her two beautiful dogs Luna & Vic a springer and a Border Terrier. It was a real pleasure to meet them both and their owner and to see them all leave very happy and at peace, and to know that we helped to make their loss a little easier.

The gentleman who dropped his little Westie off had had a bad previous experience when his pets remains were left with the Vet to deal with and were susequently lost! and so was delighted to find us through a web search.

Please continue to inform any pet owner friends of the existence of APPCC approved Private Pet Cremation Services. These are usually small family run concerns who can guarantee the individual cremation of companion animals and will also return the uncontaminated remains of that pet within 48 hours. Pet owners are always welcome to call in and meet staff and discuss any concerns they may have about the cremation process. It is far better to think ahead and prepare for a pets eventual loss than to be confronted with it and forced to make decisions about how your pets last journey will be managed.

Pet cremationRyan Vaughan