Charlies Parlour
Charlies Parlour
The right way to say goodbye, because pet's are family too.

Charlies Parlour – Wiltshire’s Pet Cremation Service

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“The right way to say goodbye, because pet’s are family too”

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About us

Pet cremation will always be a sensitive and emotional subject and pet owners have the right to choice after their pet dies. Charlies Parlour provides pet owners with the reassurance that they will receive a guaranteed individual cremation of their beloved pets and that they will be reunited with the client within 48 hours. This is a really special service that all pet owners should be offered and it costs the same as the service your vet uses – this is a really important message.

We found very little choice available when we needed to use a pet cremation service and recognised a local need for a sympathetic and dignified disposal of a pets remains. Charlies Parlour has been set up to meet this need and offer both quality and value for money throughout Wiltshire. We will support you throughout the process, listen to your concerns, answer your questions and wherever possible, carry out any special requirements you may have.






We understand that in your hour of need, the last thing you want is to be charged for the luxury of collecting a treasured pet. Understanding the need to say goodbye and the grieving process is a complex one and we deal with each owners needs on a case-by-case basis.



We believe in a dignified cremation process. Unlike a veterinarian disposal process, we ensure your pet is cremated in his or her own dedicated chamber.

Your Pet’s ashes are then returned within 48 hours.




Life Casting

Life casting is a loving way to preserve a treasured impression of your companion. It’s a straight forward process which isn’t intrusive and a great way to preserve their memory.



You can commission a sculpted portrait of your pet. This is ceramic and will be given a bronzed finish. Paul can work from a photograph and the finished result is wonderful. Drop us a line if you’d like more information.



I can highly recommended Charlie’s parlour after using them yesterday, November 9th 2018. the service was absolutely amazing, I could have had Alfie collected from home but I wanted to drop him off myself and the very kind chap made me coffee as I was in bits and had plenty of time to listen to story’s and see pictures of my Darling Dog Alfie, I had Alfie back home within 24 hours in a beautifully engraved casket with a lovely personal card. And some paw prints one of which is being made into a huge canvas.

Thank you so so much for taking good care of my boy, and me!

Your service really did make the whole affair a lot easier to deal with and to know I’ve 100% got my boy back home is priceless. Thank you ❤️
— Rachel. D

Contact us


In an emergency, please call us immediately on 07540 796 996

Alternatively if you need more information or someone to talk to, leave a short message in the contact form below and Paul will reply within 24 hours.