What to expect from Charlies Parlour

We will collect your pet if you wish and bring it to our premises on the Westdale Nursery site just outside Bradford on Avon on the Holt Road. Of course, you can bring your pet to us yourself.It may be easier to bring you pet in its basket or wrapped in a blanket, and there will be someone to assist in taking it from the car if needed. Just give us a call in advance on 01225 869449 so that we can prepare for your visit.Some pet owners like to visit us well in advance of a pets passing.This is not a morbid thing to do and it will reassure you that you will receive the quality of service you are expecting.

There will be a little paperwork to complete, and you can ask any questions that you may have. We will do all we can to reassure you that your pet will be treated with dignity and respect throughout its time with us at Charlies Parlour. You can also stay as long as you need before you say your last “goodbye”. It is important to us that you feel confident in leaving your pet with us. You can choose from a range of caskets that we have available.

If you have requested a paw cast that will be done shortly after you leave. This is not an intrusive process and takes about 15 minutes.

Unlike a Veterinary Practice we, will never freeze a pet. We do have a chilling facility and will use this if we need to conduct the cremation the following day. We will always carry out a cremation within 24 hours of its arrival and aim to have its remains available for collection within 48 hours.

As a member of the Association of Private Pet Crematoria & Cemeteries we are bound by a Charter which guarantees the Individual Cremation of a Pet. This means that your pet will be cremated on its own, and that 100% of its uncontaminated remains will be returned to you. This is our promise to all pet owners.